4 May 2016

Impetvs Macedonians verse Sassanids

The second of the three games on display on Saturday
was a four aside affair. The Macedonians had discussed
setting up fully on the left board but decided against
that idea. Luckily as the Sassanids did opt for that option
and we could have ended up with both armies on different
boards. Both sides were allowed up to a thousand points.

For the Macedonians Dave took our far left flank, Alan
our left. I ended up positioning between the two hills on
the right and Mark on the right wing.
Across the table the Sassanids commanders all seemed
to  be all called Mark Hammid or some islamic variant.
Initially the thoughts were the Macedonians were in serious
trouble as the right wing was up against the whole Sassanid

Two of the expert commanders diced off for initiative
only to prove they were indeed expert commanders

Mark and my commands did our best to reenact
the Battle of Thermopylae. Anchoring ourselves
between the two hills and awaited the onslaught
of the massed Sassanid cavalry.

The Sassanids received flanking fire from the hill
on their right and also had to overcome large units,
and elephants. A formidable wall between them and
our comfort troops...... I mean baggage sheep. There
was no way a Kiwi  would be allowing his sheep to
be shared.

The massed Sassanid cavalry.

The dice rolls for the Macedonian missile troops
seriously weakened the first wave of cavalry. As
the defense positioned itself on opportunity

Our Marks light cavalry managed to scout the
Sassanids on our right and got the better of their
screen on that flank. While his elephants charged
and ran amuck among the horses.

The Sassanid first command bounces off and routs.

Dave and Alan were doing their best to force march
their way to our rescue. After what looked like a
difficult situation the Sassanids were being rapidly
flanked by Daves forces while Alan started to form a
second rank behind  the hill.

One of the better focused camera shots. My tactic
of taking loads of shots made up for the ipads
The models must have felt like fashion models after
the shoot.

The Sassanids were struggling to get any form of
breakthrough. And it seemed inevitable the the fast
approach of reserves would prompt a tactical withdraw.

We were running out of time on what must
have been a frustrating game for some of the
commands which struggled to get into engagement.
An interesting game nether the less.

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  1. was there a consensus on the outcome? I thought that the sheep lovers would beat the camel rapists but t could have gone either way