12 Jun 2016

Normans 28mm Saga

Always a period I was keen to collect. Being of  English heritage I initially looked down the path of the Saxons and set about scouring the web for the nicest figures around. Cost wasn't an issue and with the speed I paint I could effectively any figures as time is my biggest restraint.

Drabant Miniatures Saxons

My mother had told us we had an important Norman ancestor who had come over with William the Conqueror but other than a surname, Delahay we didn't have much information. So my interest waned many years ago.

In my line of work I meet many interesting people. One particular lady a very kind and pleasant  woman said she was a "medium / clairvoyant she grasped my hand and without any prompting  basically outlined the history of my relative. She said we had a relative from Belgium or France who had been from a noble family but not quite royalty. His family originated from Scandinavia moved to England from the continent and his ancestors  ended up eventually in Scotland. I felt quite uncomfortable having my hand "grasped" by a stranger tightly. Definitely one of the weirdest experiences in my life.

Rather than arranging a witch burning or drowning it prompted me to do some research which wasn't easy.  I found the origins of the family in France a place called La Haye du Puits. The ancestor Richard Thurstan (Turstan) Haldup who was the Lord and Baron of Le Haye du Puit - Lord of Lessay.

He was related to William the Conqueror but not immediate family. He had built the large Benedictine abbey of Lessay in 1056. This abbey was renowned for its architecture,
 " It is therefore a monument of the purest Norman Romanesque style that we visit today." 
 He was mentioned in the "Battle Abbey Roll"

He received lands in Essex (Layer de la Haye) among many others. And was one of few to marry outside of their Norman enclave the daughter of a prestigious Saxon family. And even had a branch of his relatives move to Scotland  the "Hay" clan.

So some old family history and a strange "clairvoyant" experience convinced me to collect Normans instead. And in a way it helps me understand the risks that a game of Saga entails. Richard Thurstan (Turstan) Haldup would have woken the morning at Hastings knowing that it things went well he would be rewarded with positions and lands. And if not he would be buried there. For the Saxons and their ancestors the opposite.

Drabant Norman's

I've decided to bulk my army out with Drabant miniatures. The sculpting is very detailed, the figures nicely chunky and are more relaxed poses rather than animated. Everyone has their own preferences and these are just mine. I will also be adding some Crusader Miniatures, Gripping Beast and Perry figures for variety. All are outstanding figures. (Some sample pics from their sites below).

Crusader Minatures

Gripping Beast

Perry Miniatures



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