1 Feb 2017

Impetvs Western Romans v Burgundian Ordonnance

Another Campaign game this time with Richard who has what looks to be an unassailable lead in our division. I get Richard to set up the scenery which he sets up middle to flank a hill and an impassable on both sides. I  place my two units on either side of the right flank scenery on 45 degree angles in an attempt to try and isolate one of his commands with both my infantry forces. Hopefully the cavalry will act as a screen for his second command.

Initial set up, Idea was two get my smaller and larger commands up against one of his. While the first one will break enough damage will have been down to allow the second wave to take the flank.

Need to keep my second wave back far enough that it isn't effected by the first rioting.

Front rank up close.

Sending enough fast moving cavalry round the flank to keep his second command in place.

Inpetvs coordinating  units is always a challenge. One I occasionally get out of order with my plans. Arrrrgg!!

Getting flank set on opportunity.

Slight traffic Jam.

This was my only real success in that I managed to get rid of his missle screen without receiving too much damage back.

This cavalry flank, always going to be slightly disadvantaged.

I've got my commands mixed up. The larger command will obviously rout first.

Definitely out gunned in melee. I'm only throwing half to a third of the attack dice. And my throwing is excellent but this is a losing cause.

This could have ended differently, If Id reversed the commands.

Hanging in their just 1 VDU left.

Only  a matter of time.

That was enough to break the larger flank.

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