31 Mar 2017

Saga Irish verse Normans

Six rounds of playing tag. Ended up setting up first, which in the context of the game didn't work well as I was unable to react to the massing of the Irish on one wing. Went for William the Conqueror and three units of warriors with bow. Two mounted units of warriors to counter any Irish units chasing out of the pack.

I knew the Irish can attack out of rough ground without having actual troops stationed there. What I didn't realize is they have a skirmish activation that puts up a wall to shield any bow shots which negated most of the strength I employed. Richard employed this screen in front of his entire force which in hand to hand combat had a stronger edge to it than my force.

So a game of cat and mouse employed with me trying to get an angle to pick off one of Richards figures and he trying to chase my retreating troops down. At the time I regretted moving second as this prevented an initial chance to inflict some damage on his skirmishes.

I had to do double moves and while I thought I had done enough to get an overlap in so that I could fire some of the troops. The second to last round ended up with saga dice I couldn't use. Guess this was justice for cowardice in the face of the enemy.

Having inherited the last move I threw excellent dice and planned a last dash with the mounted troops hoping to load up the dice and extract a winning blow by targeting his weak screen advancing in front of his army. What I didn't realize was I had to be withing six inches with his screen ability to attack. Richard must have laughed as I wasted the extra move maximizing  the attack dice to the point I was guaranteed victory. Somehow I feel the moral victory went to the Irish.Six rounds and not a combat dice anywhere to be seen.


  1. Brendan, I don't want to alarm you, but it looks like one of your soldiers has been fully painted. Others are showing symptoms on their hands and faces. You should probably quarantine them.

    Was this a competition game?

    I've shifted over to Pagan Rus. The bastardry one has available is delicious.

  2. Pagan Rus the ones that have a common dice that removes all the Norman benefits, remind me not to play you