30 Sep 2017

Impetvs Lancastrians and Western Romans

Up against Geoff in the first game of the draw. Up to now I've used mass
cavalry against defensive orientated armies. But they seem to struggle at
times. With the Lancastrian's possessing long range artillery and defenses
it allows them to set up and wait for the Romans to come to them.

Romans went down the road of maximizing the 2/3s of the heavy foot being
VDU 6s. By the time you add light troops you have minimal cavalry. With
the enemy holding  a static position the cavalry's mobility is countered so
they are of limited use.

Skip six turns. Romans move from their deployment zone towards the 
enemy. Geoff sets up behind defenses and with his larger command on 
my more accessible left flank I decide to gang up on this. I use my 
smallest command to shield his smaller command. The biggest issue is 
getting into position without being worn down by his better archers.

Regrettably I use my skirmishers in the rough terrain but would have 
been better to have screened my troops getting them in without being 
decimated. Here the Roman right flank shadows his smaller command 
hopefully allowing for a miss match on the left.


One mistake was not setting up the middle command in line.
Thinking that movement through difficult terrain would have
been slower and disordered I opted for column to deploy. In
hindsight skirmishes could have helped cover the advance.
Attacking the Lancastrian's needed to match their support.
otherwise the combats were going to be mismatched.

Another issue was not moving wider with the left command
to gain an overlap, I was in a hurry so used the cavalry on
the flank. And was concerned that Geoff would redeploy
some of his units if I took to long.

Geoff's biggest issue was since he was camped in a corner
there was limited maneuverability left to him from the lack
of room.

Closup on the Lancastrians.

Skirmishers were a little wasted in their deployment for the
Romans. But with the Lancastrian skirmishers also placed
poorly it balanced out. One of the good mechanics of
Impetvs is you have to set up blind to a limited degree. Only
being able to adjust your deployment gradually as both sides
deploy commands.

 Timing the advance.

One issue I find is when attacking someone else's command
from an angle I tend to not support my units as their's tend
to stay in line. But unlike the real thing we get chances to
improve tactics over time.

The other key point is getting your troops into opportunity. One
balancing point was I payed for a genus commander and had too
commanders go up. Geoff had one go down.

The battle was in the balance for quite a while, sometimes
a lack of being able to remove disorder's stopped the Romans
getting an advantage. The Lancastrian archers did well but his
was balanced out by the Roman's throwing reasonably well in

In the end the Roman's probably should have carried the flank
due to numbers. Tactics were fine but coordinating the attack
emphasized Geoff's experience over mine. This was quite telling
and at times his maneuvering outshone the Romans and gradually
the attack faltered.

The fighting of the Roman's left wing command keep the final
outcome in doubt for most of the game. In the end we called
the game early as it was apparent the Lancastrian's weren't going
to break.

Quite an enjoyable game, and as usual I leave a little wiser
with the help of Geoff.

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