29 Oct 2017

Impetvs Late Roman's verse Flemish

Up against Dave's Flemish, we both deployed very defensively. As usual
I laid down the scenery and Dave moved the central heavy going onto his

My light cavalry try to draw some of his central units onto the flank.

Neither side wanted to advance, in the end Dave accepted my offer that we
would advance towards each other as the night was getting on.

I was worried that his longbow would send volleys of short range fire into
my flanks so followed up with cavalry on the left flank. While a skirmish
unit guarded any overlap.

Starting to draw some units away.

The light brigade rode into the valley.

The skirmish screen does its job of slowing down the attrition from his
cross bows. His archers well protected were always going to win a bow

The screen disappears but we are in range for a charge.

After they close my left flank takes some losses and if the game had
proceeded Dave would certainly have had an advantage here. The light
cavalry charge his long bow and destroy the unit. The centre and right
wings end in a stalemate with low casualties. With the procrastination at
the beginning of the game we decide to call it here.

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