9 Oct 2021


Sammite's managed to get secure flank with a forest. Having 

mostly flexible troops they set up with a strong position deep

withing the trees.


After a small engagement on the end of the wood where the

Spanish were soundly repulsed it became clear the Carthaginians 

would not be able to dislodge their enemy and a stalemate occurred.


15 Aug 2021



 With the Spanish been loose skirmish and the Greek forces heavily 

into melee the Spanish needed as much terrain as they could get.

Luckily they received good cards and a perfect prebattle setup.

Spanish clung onto the terrain as eventually the Greeks ran out of time.

























































































 Samnites with Gallic allies at 11000 points Vs Romans at 11000 points

(Romans must decide which Consul is the main defender) 

Samnites with Gaul allies manages to defeat the Romans who now 

have lost two of their three provinces.




6 Jun 2021




The Romans (Dave/Graham) have both invaded Greek N Italy (Oliver)  

who elected to defend, supported by his Pyrrhic ally(Andrew)

Romans have 10900 pts vs 11100 for the Greek / Epirotes


The Romans deploy on the left, Dave controlling both

their centre and right wing, with Graham at the top on

their left wing. The Greeks mirror the roman formations

with Oliver facing Dave and Andrew up against Graham.














Epirote cavalry swing around the right flank, Graham's

support stay close to the camp due to limited command

and his two main units with skirmish support look vulnerable 

to the four main units the Epirote have.












Dave's Roman centre advances but again is disjointed as his

cards limit his options.








Oliver's cavalry supported by skirmishers come up against a 

similar sized force of Dave's Romans.









Graham pushes on ,his skirmish infantry head off towards the

elite Epirote changing lancers. An almost suicidal mission.

The Epirote medium cavalry align to Grahams front allowing

the lancers a free charge on the flank. Two phalanx TuGs eye

 a nervous Roman TuG. Graham commander cursing his

support back at the camp.











On the other flank Dave and Oliver's Cavalry duel it out.










In the center Oliver swings a unit across the front of the rough

terrain it managers to hit the front edge of Dave's supporting 

Romans before they join the melee with their compatriots.

This leaves Oliver with a unit free to threaten the forward 

Romans right.














Andrew's lancers charge the flank of Grahams foot. With 

overwhelming dice it looks grim but obviously Andrew hasn't 

sacrificed a small child to the dice gods recently and their

wrath ends with a wound each. His troops on the edge turn to 













Another camera angle of the centre, at the top a Greek unit of 

cavalry falls back.














Grahams TuG fights valiantly against pressure from both sides

and single wounds are upgraded to a file lost for both sides.













Olivers TuG of  hoplites starts to wheel to threaten the Roman 
















But at the last moment straightens up and goes into support

the unit that came across the front of the terrain. Both sides

end the turn with a wound.














Andrew lancers break off contact and Graham's unit is 

forced to realign against the medium cavalry to their front.

It seems they wont be so lucky the second time around.

Graham's skirmishes hope to do some damage and place

themselves in a position to fire.







The Gods still seem angry at Andrew and the skirmishes against 

the odds do the maximin damage possible almost destroying

his elite unit. The Skirmishes will dine out on this result for the rest 

of their lives













Close by the Andrew's pike have pushed their way through Graham's 

other TuG and now set their sites on Grahams brave defenders

In the centre Dave's Romans aren't doing well and start losing units

Dave has a bad night with the dice and cards. His lack of cards leaves

several units of superior Romans in reserve unable to coordinate as

well as he would have liked.







On the other wing the Olivers wins the cavalry skirmish. With Dave's

centre losing units and Grahams unit up against pikes the end is

inevitable. A triumph for  the Greeks.









So turn one ends with one province falling, the Samnites taking

Roman North Italy.