10 May 2020

Useful Stuff Discord

Useful Stuff Discord 3/3

You can pin (tag) messages to the top of the server. so important stuff isn't missed.

We can advertise on the discord server channel for members or not, and we
can vet people as stringently or as loosely as you feel appropriate.

Makes it easy to communicate with the whole club, you just need to post, other
people can log on later, see you comment and comment back.

Great for arranging games or asking for people to bring along stuff. Also if you
can't make it  you can leave a message here and people can load the app to their
phone and read updates

You can post pics of stuff you have done, or want to sell, links to website's
that you think other club members might be interested in.

Want to run a campaign and have a private room that only access is given to
your allies. Updated maps and hidden movement can all be arranged.

Best of all is the flexibility to delete and add anything you want.

29 Apr 2020

Setting up on Discord


Firstly you have to join discord which can be found easily with a search.

Secondly, you have a choice. You can run everything off  discords server which is very safe or you can download the app. Personally I've used both and haven't had issues with the basic server option. You will need a name , In my example "Brendan68" but anything will do.
There is also a "bot" check box that needs to be ticked.

Thirdly Discord thinks you want to create your own server, to bypass this you just click the "X" in the top corner.

It will then ask for a email address, if you forget your log in details you can reset via your email.

Last box is just a confirmation.

Once you get on Discord you need find the clubs server and you start in the top left corner by clicking the circle with the green plus sign in it.

Introduction to Discord


Post Covid 19, having somewhere where a club can gather, chat, discuss topic's, post pics, check club information, run campaigns, organize games might catch on.

When your on the computer you can minimize Discord and if someone posts a message it shows on your Taskbar. You can read, post a return comment if you wish and minimize discord again.

Having been on discord for a while the difference between discord  and other platforms is its gatekeeper provisions. You want people to easy access while barring undesirables.

You can give members "Roles". These are like keys to doors. Someone logging in for the first time might be able to access a room, "channel" that they can read and post comments.

Once a moderator has checked and verified that the new member is know by another verified member other roles can be assigned that give deeper access.

Keeping things simple I've divided the server into four area's the first area "Wolfs Lair" has
"checkpoint Charlie", a vetting area for new members.
"tavern", general discussion area.
"meeting-hall", area for club announcements

Second area, "Grassy Knoll Depository" is basically a library
 "gallery" for pics
"links" to reference websites

 Third area, "echo chamber" are voice channels (I generally don't use these but they are available)
"voice channel one"
"voice channel two"

Fourth area, private rooms where if you want to have campaigns your faction can have its own room.

Other "Rooms / channels" can be open or closed as needed, other possibilities
"designated painting channel"
"specific period rooms"
"swap meet room"
"specific room for organizing games"
"possibly other channels for other clubs to run independently" or sister sites we could be guests at"

It's all very flexible. What you want can be arranged, what you don't can easily be deleted. Starting small with just the club and a few guests. People who have either  left the club , moved interstate or are associates with interests in the hobby could bolster numbers. Likewise many younger enthusiasts
may have a way of being introduced into the club.

4 Jul 2017

One for All!

Most gaming clubs have a split of larger battles and smaller skirmishes
taking place on their gaming tables.
Skirmish games have advantages. Less figure's, quicker games and often
a role playing element that you don't have in larger engagements. Where
you have, "so and so" did this. Or a hero emerges after winning five
combats while wounded. The role play aspect also allows humour and
personality onto the table. This is a good way of introducing members of
the role play gaming community to wargaming.

One for All is one of the best. With a handful of Cardinals Guards, who
would ever want to play the good guys is beyond me, your ready to go.
The scenery is what makes these games. Often the ad lib style of play
rewards imagination and creates a fun session.

Rather than go into in-depth details of game specifics below is a link to
Eureka's site where you can down load a free set of the rules and get an
idea of game play.


The great advantage is here you can collect both sides, have non-playing
characters and cool scenery without breaking the budget or taking up all
your painting time. And best of all every game can have a different scenario.

3 Jun 2017

Song of Blades and Heros

If your looking for a fun quick play skirmish game, Song of Blades and Hero's is easy to pickup for newcomers and allows gaming with limited resources. Basically you throw one to three dice for your troops, activation up to those number of actions. If you fail the turn moves to the next player.
Combats are reasonable simple both sides throwing one die modified by factors like multiple figures ganging up on a defender and whether the character has been knocked down in the previous melee. Mark arranged the three player game so that we diced for order of play each turn which gave a fair and random nature to the game.

My orc raiding party started in the middle of one board edge with the men on the left flank and skeletons on my right flank. I decided to split the command, as this would be suicidal, and carnage was our aim.

Marks army of undead approached singing, "knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone" obviously Irish undead.
Men, boring men
A stray dog who after several minutes of discussion we settled on, "the dog" as a title.
After many years of inactivity my orc figures finally had a  chance to prove that they were worth more than a cameo with Sam the cat in a previous post.
Military songs about bones aren't a good idea when there is one around.
Time to slaughter the humans.
We are gonna kick arse, Azhug yells as he leads the attack.
I like necrophilia but I'd rather my partner had a bit of flesh for padding.
Seems that the humans take large posts into battle, odd custom.

Sadly Azhug is reduced to a red puddle and suddenly things aren't so rosey for Sunuguk and Ugghar. But we press on
On the right flank the bone people have a liking for ganging up on the orcs. While my strongest orc, "Harag" seems to be hanging back from combat.
Sunuguk joins Azhug as a red puddle and things are looking desperate for Ugghar.

The men realizing the undead are the biggest threat send half their force in what looks to be a temporary truce with their historical foes the orcs
Seems that the skeletons have capture the men ram.
The stray dog called, "The Dog" has  a passion for bone people and starts causing havoc.
Ugghar is being molested. Literally if they were trying to kill him he would be dead by now.
Grok goes down on one knee but somehow manages to avoid the sickle the nearest Skeleton is swinging at him.
Dramatic attacks from the men take down two skeletons in gruesome fashion. The remaining skeletons throw on the "witness gruesome death table" but only  smirk at their friends deaths.
Ugghar after knocking one human to the ground makes a run for it minus his underwear.
"The Dog" completes the massacre killing the remaining skeleton.
Things seem fairly well matched.
Another human goes down as Grok gets back to his feet and pokes his sword  into the warriors heart. Actually his back but that sounded cowardly.
Seems the Dog is bored with gnawing the dead. And attaches himself to the nearest mans leg and starts ******* *** (R18).

Harag the largest most fearsome and least clothed orc finally makes an appearance. He distracts one of the humans in a most lewd fashion while Grok stabs another human to death from behind. 
With the two prone men killed, one by Harag in obscene fashion and the other torn gruesomely to pieces by "the Dog". The remaining men decide to flee. Grok, Harag, Brurbagand and Ugghar decide not to waste the opportunity in front of them. And take, "The Dog" to the beach. No animals were hurt in the making of this blog. Tragically, "The Dog" was swept away by a large wave. At this time he is sadly still not been found.

22 Sep 2016

Wings of War

Keen to show my opponents my tactical genius and superior knowledge I took to the skies, "in the yellow plane". I cleverly maneuvered my little fokker  so that the British bomber overflew me with the plan that I would approach from his blind spot. Turns out he doesn't have much of a blind spot. He blatted away from a distance hitting me in the hand. Unfortunately I was smoking at the time and without an index finger my cigarette dropped somewhere behind me in the cockpit. Igniting the fish and chip wrappers I had lazily deposited behind my seat. Not only had he drawn first blood I also lost  a cod and around fifteen chips. I gritted my teeth and accelerated.

Sohn einer H√ľndin!!!!! I had my nemesis in my gun sites. I tried to send him to the depths of hell but my machinegun was jammed. I mirrored his manoeuvre's while I skillfully tried to remove what looked like a bloody finger from the firing mechanism.

I managed to follow his every move. Removing the mangled digit and prepared to exact revenge on my cod piece. But this had to wait as now my thumb had re-jammed my gun.  Du Hurensohn!!!!

The smoke billows out of my aircraft like a black pipecleaner. At least for now my tight turns kept any ignition away.

Die Die Die I yelled.  As I looked down and saw what looked like a small throwable object with multiple resting positions, used for generating random numbers. Suddenly I felt warmer.

Flames suddenly engulfed my chip wrapper. I had an idea. Even if my guns wouldn't fire I could fly close enough to my nemesis and burn him.

I had a reputation at the gaming club for using innovative tactics. Some would say idiot, fool, half wit, retard. But trust me I had a plan.

It was hard to say what happened next. Either the close proximity of my flaming fire ship caused his bomber to suddenly erupt into a living hell of fire and smoke. Or it could have been  the six prolonged bursts from my machine gun at close range. Probably the former.

It was too much for my little yellow piece of kindling and the wings fell off. On the upside the fire was running out of fuel.

Stephen, Mark and Paul may tell a different story. But like I always say. History is told by the side with the blog passwords.

10 Apr 2016

Scenery Trees 15mm / 1/72 / 28mm "Foamys"

In addition to the very nice Lemax trees that can be viewed in
previous posts I bring you, "The Foamy". Sourced from foam
from a bed mattress these trees are cheap to make and very sturdy.
They allow conflict in forests and can be attached securely to hillsides.

 A band of orcs make their way towards a ford in panic mode.

Having no visible trunk they have a very low center of gravity.
The stability allows them to be placed on gentle hills or pinned
to steeper contours. Placing figures within a forest is much
simpler and battles can be fought in heavier wooded areas.

Getting suitable foam to be able to pluck with tweezers is essential.
The base needs to be a flat side for balance. Cut with a hacksaw
blade into tall rectangles you work from the bottom corners cutting
with scissors towards the center of the top. This should give you a
cone shape. You then trim around the bottom to give a slight chamfer
at the base.

Then with tweezers pluck fully the external layer
to variable depths. This can create quite a residual
of foam so have a bin handy.

Painting the trees by dipping in a suitable green before
squeezing any residual out. I mixed water with PVA
in equal proportions and sprayed to allowing flocking
with scenic grass to give a nice finish. To stop any flaking
a spray with odourless hairspray sets the tree and gives it
a firm exterior. Go for the cheapest plain packed brands.

Those Orcs seem happy enough to risk their lives
on a river crossing.

My next article will cover how to make a giant stuffed
cat using your common home variety. Again we will
be employing tweezers and a hacksaw.