1 Feb 2017

Impetvs Western Romans v Burgundian Ordonnance

Another Campaign game this time with Richard who has what looks to be an unassailable lead in our division. I get Richard to set up the scenery which he sets up middle to flank a hill and an impassable on both sides. I  place my two units on either side of the right flank scenery on 45 degree angles in an attempt to try and isolate one of his commands with both my infantry forces. Hopefully the cavalry will act as a screen for his second command.

Initial set up, Idea was two get my smaller and larger commands up against one of his. While the first one will break enough damage will have been down to allow the second wave to take the flank.

Need to keep my second wave back far enough that it isn't effected by the first rioting.

Front rank up close.

Sending enough fast moving cavalry round the flank to keep his second command in place.

Inpetvs coordinating  units is always a challenge. One I occasionally get out of order with my plans. Arrrrgg!!

Getting flank set on opportunity.

Slight traffic Jam.

This was my only real success in that I managed to get rid of his missle screen without receiving too much damage back.

This cavalry flank, always going to be slightly disadvantaged.

I've got my commands mixed up. The larger command will obviously rout first.

Definitely out gunned in melee. I'm only throwing half to a third of the attack dice. And my throwing is excellent but this is a losing cause.

This could have ended differently, If Id reversed the commands.

Hanging in their just 1 VDU left.

Only  a matter of time.

That was enough to break the larger flank.

15 Jan 2017

Impetvs Greeks and Western Romans

Up against Mark both of us too far behind Richard in the standings to catch up.

Part of the competition, So far my previous two games had been close defeats so it was nice playing an army that didn't out range me with its missile troops. Wanting to get a result I opted to remove as much of the terrain as I could and the setup was quite symmetrical as the two armies split into two similar commands each

I've printed off nice little counters that will have the casualty adjustments on top 

Marks nicely painted Greeks

Looks like a stand off

Marks skirmish troops can't seem to roll one "6" between them while I've managed to whittle them down to just a light screen in front of his main force. Things are going well.

One small disorder "droplet of blood", hardly a scratch so far.

Well they might not be able to shoot but their deadly in melee. I keep throwing "6"s for casualties. What was before advantage now is deuce. Seems pretty even now. 

Dave's nice storage boxes are great. When everything has a magnetic base the transport damage is reduced to a bare minimum.

The right flanks hit.

At this stage I seem to be in better shape in the center. Surprisingly Marks better skill outside has my superior cavalry getting well blunted. I thought that's where my break through would be but they are holding their own.

A war of attrition

Pays to keep units not directly behind others that are being routed. The second time I've had casualties caused directly from heavier units in front being destroyed.

At this stage we were running out of time. Mark gifted a generous winning draw. But I pointed out everywhere across the front things we too close to call. So we adjusted to a draw which in hindsight was a much fairer outcome.

When we tallied up the casualties I had 1.5 percent advantage. And if it wasn't for Mark skirmishers firing blanks it could have been much worse for the Romans. So we left it at that prepared to fight another day.

31 Dec 2016

Impetvz Greeks and Byzantine

Mark  and a rainbow army of colorful Greeks set up centrally between woods to the East and some rough terrain on the West flank. The strongest units held the center ground with a scattering of cavalry covering the flanks.

Against the Greeks, Oliver and myself with a 50 / 50 split of  Byzantines with masses of cavalry. We placed the foot units in the center with Oliver's skirmishers covering their front. I sectioned off my skirmishers for the forest and massed cavalry were split to each flank.

Formidable depth for the Greek center while the flanks were the Byzantine strength.

Lets see if I can harass him from the woods and get an overlap on the flank.

If your going to get disordered this is the best time when your not in danger of accumulative  loses.

Having decent bow it makes sense to hold one flank and risk the other. So my cavalry went on opportunity. Oliver made the first move.

Some of Marks very nice  army.

Some of Marks very nice  army.

Next four photo's show the conflict on the left flank as, "Olivers Army" forgive the pun meet stiff resistance from Marks skirmishers and things were looking a little desperate for a while. I held back on the left flank and was prepared to charge in if the left flank didn't gain traction. Marks dice throwing goes from good to poor though.

Over the next few turns Oliver starts to press home an advantage and several of the Greek units are decimated. Saying that Mark manages to scramble units into defense and Oliver's overlap isn't complete at this point.

Like the blood stones for counters, something gory about droplets of blood on a battlefield.
(Note to self.... don't sound creepy)

I had to leave battle at this stage, but by no means was decided.Oliver had gained an advantage but their was much to contest. And at least I have a decent camera on my phone now.