4 Jul 2017

One for All!

Most gaming clubs have a split of larger battles and smaller skirmishes
taking place on their gaming tables.
Skirmish games have advantages. Less figure's, quicker games and often
a role playing element that you don't have in larger engagements. Where
you have, "so and so" did this. Or a hero emerges after winning five
combats while wounded. The role play aspect also allows humour and
personality onto the table. This is a good way of introducing members of
the role play gaming community to wargaming.

One for All is one of the best. With a handful of Cardinals Guards, who
would ever want to play the good guys is beyond me, your ready to go.
The scenery is what makes these games. Often the ad lib style of play
rewards imagination and creates a fun session.

Rather than go into in-depth details of game specifics below is a link to
Eureka's site where you can down load a free set of the rules and get an
idea of game play.


The great advantage is here you can collect both sides, have non-playing
characters and cool scenery without breaking the budget or taking up all
your painting time. And best of all every game can have a different scenario.

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