2 Apr 2016

Samurai - Bodyguards Ambushed

Recently while in New Zealand my brother put on a samurai
skirmish game to test out some new rules. The scenery was
Lemax Xmas trees which look excellent soaked in a watered
down PVA and flocked. The Buildings were 4Ground and
the figures Perrys Minatures beautifully painted by Nathan.

The game starts with a small detachment of bodyguards
stationed around a small inn and out building

 My Taisho, Sony Hitachi inspects his loyal retainers.

While his wife Akira and her entourage stays out of
harms way

My evil brother Sanyo Kawasaki uses the cover of
a wood to approach undetected from the North.

Another force covers the South.

And a further the East.

After reports of movement Eastward Akira
and her entourage are evacuated to the other
building while the guards take up a central

A steady showering of arrows and arquebusier shots
start to pick off the defenders. As a red samurai and
ashigaru become the first causalities.

Yet another ashigaru casualty for red. Returning fire
a blue bowman goes down.

The battle rages on. While  I manage a few hits the
poor throws to kill fail to slow the blue advance. The bows
fire every turn. They are less likely to kill. While the
arquebusier have a slower rate of fire but are deadly.
The green markers show if they are loaded.

My throwing is terrible. It starting to look like Suppuku,
or the more radical change of dice are my only options.

Sanyo Kawasaki's blue wave swarms over my red. 
In desperation Akira and a few remaining loyal
bodyguards try to make a run for it.

My Taisho, Sony Hitachi goes down  ironically sliced open on
the sharpened edge of a six sided die. As I bleed out
on the green turf all I can wonder is if my warranty
is still current.

While my ego took a major battering in inter brother
conflict I was impressed with the rules. The flow was
excellent and the balance between unit types seemed
realistic. Apart from one of my ashigaru who took two
samurai out in individual combats there wasn't any
irregular results.A very picturesque battle.

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