10 Apr 2016

Scenery Trees 15mm / 1/72 / 28mm "Foamys"

In addition to the very nice Lemax trees that can be viewed in
previous posts I bring you, "The Foamy". Sourced from foam
from a bed mattress these trees are cheap to make and very sturdy.
They allow conflict in forests and can be attached securely to hillsides.

 A band of orcs make their way towards a ford in panic mode.

Having no visible trunk they have a very low center of gravity.
The stability allows them to be placed on gentle hills or pinned
to steeper contours. Placing figures within a forest is much
simpler and battles can be fought in heavier wooded areas.

Getting suitable foam to be able to pluck with tweezers is essential.
The base needs to be a flat side for balance. Cut with a hacksaw
blade into tall rectangles you work from the bottom corners cutting
with scissors towards the center of the top. This should give you a
cone shape. You then trim around the bottom to give a slight chamfer
at the base.

Then with tweezers pluck fully the external layer
to variable depths. This can create quite a residual
of foam so have a bin handy.

Painting the trees by dipping in a suitable green before
squeezing any residual out. I mixed water with PVA
in equal proportions and sprayed to allowing flocking
with scenic grass to give a nice finish. To stop any flaking
a spray with odourless hairspray sets the tree and gives it
a firm exterior. Go for the cheapest plain packed brands.

Those Orcs seem happy enough to risk their lives
on a river crossing.

My next article will cover how to make a giant stuffed
cat using your common home variety. Again we will
be employing tweezers and a hacksaw.


  1. Great results there mate! Looking forward to the stuffed cat post, I have a spare one right here ready to go.

  2. great idea and they look the part

  3. How many does the cat get? in this confrontation my money is on puss

  4. How many does the cat get? in this confrontation my money is on puss