3 Apr 2016

Zombie - Visit to Smallville Alabama

Another game on my New Zealand trip. This time
Brad a redneck and Brenda of questionable morals
are road tripping to Smallville Alabama. A quiet
township which is guaranteed to be a safer experience
than  urban Malling. Mission, pull up to the safest
looking house, break in and ransack as quickly as
possible. Just like taking Brad back to his pre zombie

Traveling at 70k with the CD blaring, the occasion
horn blast to get a lone zombies attention before he
is sheared off at the ankles. We see a cop and fireman
off to our left. Redneck Brad shouts something
racist and we continue traveling.

Another cop, officer Adrian is in retreat from a pack
of flesh eaters. We probably wouldn't have picked
the shop if we could have heard his shots over the
sound of Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls.

Vincenza enters the house with her katana at the 
ready. She goes upstairs to find a small child hiding 
in a closet. Unfortuantely a zombie was upstairs, 
She dispatches it with her blade.

A lone walker is attracted to the sound of hillbilly
music from the car.

"Brad the doors open back here you idiot" -
"Shut up Brenda and get off the roof of the car"

Adrian enters the back just as we break in the front.
A small crowd of locals gathers to welcome the visitors.

Looks like the party guests are following us upstairs.
Elsewhere the small girl leaves the house and the
Police and fire service do a routine looting of the shop.

Adrian managers in his panic to nail a couple of zeds
on the stairs. Nothing like gnashy teeth to encourage
accuracy. Prior to this his four shots had taken out a
fence and a street light, which weren't causing any
immediate danger

Myself and Brad decide to vacate the building by
using my chainsaw on the wall.

The move through the wall pays off as zombies invade
our previous residence. Next door  is much safer with
A single zombie. Which I deal to with hardly a scratch.

Unfortunately a scratch is sort of lethal so my next
goal is to ingest any external bits of Brad I can get
my teeth into. So I sneak up behind him.

After some unnecessary sexual innuendo Brad ends
our defacto relationship with gunfire. And makes off
before the police take offense at his previously
yelled abuse.

The buildings were 4Ground, figures from Hasslefree.
And the zombies were from the local retirement village.

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